No Gambling/Illegal Transactions

*Notice to Members: You are not authorized to use your PEFCU VISA credit card for online or internet gambling activities or transactions. You may not use your card for any illegal transactions or in any illegal manner. Payments from unlawful gambling are prohibited.

VISA® Resources

To apply for a VISA® Credit Card, click here.    

To apply for a VISA® Check/(Debit) Card, click here.

To access your VISA® account and to make your VISA® payment online, click here.

Mail your VISA® payment to:  PO Box 96099, Charlotte, NC 28296


Lost/Stolen CREDIT Card:
(850) 769-3306 During Business Hours
1-800-472-3272 Nights & Weekends

Lost/Stolen CHECK/DEBIT Card:

VISA Credit Card Question Line: